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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! In this section, you will find workshops about engaging audiences, ways to read to your listeners, applying bilingualism, strategies to learn and rehearse stories, using your body to tell, adapting old tales, and writing verses to celebrate the ancestors during Día de los Muertos. Feel free to browse around and check what interests you the most! Rest assured that all workshops can be adapted to the organization's needs.

Calaveras literarias

Calaveras are the funny verses that the living dedicate to the memory of those who have not yet reached the other side. Writing Calaveras is an exercise of love and friendship as we playfully tell our friends (humans and pets) what we love about them. Equally, as we write these verses, we explore aspects of poetry and prose, exercising our vocabulary and other creative elements of writing.

Learning stories in different ways

Throughout my career, I have told all kinds of stories and learned that each tale has a different way of being absorbed by the mind and the body. Thus I developed different approaches and routines to learn and rehearse the old and new stories. Join me in this practical session, where you explore and apply strategies catering to kinesthetic, visual, audio, musical, intrapersonal, and interpersonal learners.

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Make it bilingual!

Do you struggle with bilingualism? Have you wondered how to adapt one of your favorite stories into an engaging and easy dual-language experience? How much of each language do you need? When is it enough? In this workshop, we work on turning one of your favorite stories into a successful and inviting bilingual experience that your audience will enjoy.

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Read aloud and disperse the clouds!

Reading aloud could be intimidating, even if your listeners are children. You may wonder: when do I change my voice? What should be the best pace? How can I adapt the reading to my audience's needs? How do I use a prop successfully? Where do I put the book when I want to use my hands? These and more questions will be explored in this workshop. The participants will work on individual stories, present them and receive positive feedback.

Retelling the old tales

An excellent way for your students to enjoy reading and writing is to encourage them to tell stories. When we listen to stories, we exercise our imagination. But, when we retell them, we develop confidence, improve our vocabulary, and practice summarization. The tellers become directors, actors, and scriptwriters as they adapt and bring back to life an old tale!

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Tame the lion! Enchant the snake!

Engaging the entire classroom is a challenge that all educators face. This workshop explores how stories and art strategies can captivate shy students and get the extroverted to follow. We will also touch on the theory of multiple intelligence by Howard Gardner and develop different approaches to engage different learners.

When the body tells the story

Have you considered incorporating body movements and gestures to complement and enhance the storytelling experience? Join me in a fun exploratory workshop that will set you on the path of effectively using your body and voice on stage.

Calveras Workshop
Read aloud
Tame the lion
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