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Adult Shows

Historical, legendary, and literary tales

These stories dive into ancient and modern Latin America's history, mythology, and psyche. From Horacio Quiroga's ghosts to less-known Latina writers to mad scientists and poet kings, we find a tapestry of tales that have intrigued readers and historians.

from xibalba

  Legendary Tales

​From Xibalba to the Moon:
Mayan tales that never age

The Maya people tell some of the most intriguing and venturesome tales. Stories about brothers visiting the underworld, the moon falling from the sky, and a monster with diamond teeth are just a tiny sample of the vast Mayan collection. Come to learn and enjoy these fascinating tales.

Sci-fi and Fantasy

I admit I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. I yearned to tell them on stage for many years, but I was warned that these types of tales are tricky to tell. Our brains are wired to feel comfortable with stories of the past but struggle with what could come next. Yet, nowadays, our futures are quickly becoming our presents and pasts. The time has come to share some of my favorite Latin American and Spanish tales about animals that acquired our languages, maverick scientists searching for freeing the soul, efficient but empty cities, and much more.

Men of Science, Men of Carcasses

“Men of Science: Men of Carcasses” is a storytelling journey towards immortality. Nowadays, we are getting closer to this ancient goal. Still, the price has been paid by the corpses of many who were involuntarily drafted and discarded along the way. These stories expose some fictional experiments conducted on humans and animals in search of the fountain of youth or to liberate the soul. These tales reflect on the lengths humanity would go to achieve eternal life. Watch the following story and take a peek at the show.

Talking Animals

What would happen if nature's creatures finally spoke?

A man's experiments on getting a chimpanzee to talk and a language revolution propels animals to think and act. This show presents two stories reflecting on the lengths men would go to achieve their goals and the necessity for animal rights. These pieces of Spanish and Latin American Science Fiction were written in the early 20th century but are more current than ever before. Here's a taste of one of the stories:

Carolina Quiroga Storyteller

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