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Adult Programs

Historical, legendary, and literary tales

These stories delve into the rich tapestry of ancient and modern Latin American history, mythology, folklore, and psyche. They explore diverse themes, from the legendary half-man, half-caiman creature, and the enigmatic Maya Underworld to the haunting ghosts of Horacio Quiroga, the works of lesser-known Latina writers, eccentric scientists, and a spectral dog. Each tale offers a unique glimpse into the captivating narratives that have fascinated readers and historians alike.

from xibalba

Colombia Mia

I've often been asked to share Colombian tales, and after much anticipation, I'm thrilled to present a show dedicated to my beloved country!

Colombia Mia transports us to the dawn of time, where Serankwa, the lone spirit, pondered the creation of the world. Journey through Colombia's heart as we encounter the Muisca people and their profound connection to the Legend of El Dorado. Finally, meet a charming peddler who falls for the wrong girl in one of Colombia's most iconic folktales, the Legend of El Hombre Caiman.

Join us for an enchanting evening that will bring to life the magic, mystery, and cultural richness of Colombia. Here's an old version of El Dorado!

  Legendary Tales

​From Xibalba to the Moon: Epic Tales of the Maya

Since I began sharing Latin American tales, I fell in love with Maya culture. Their stories are among the most intriguing and adventurous. Join me on a journey to the Maya underworld, where we will meet two brothers who must prove their worth against the lords of Xibalba. Our next stop will be the heavens, where we will witness Ixchel, the moon goddess, drawn into a perilous conspiracy that threatens her very existence. Finally, we will encounter Maestro Almendro, a Maya healer who loses his soul to a greedy merchant but finds redemption through the kindness of a humble slave woman. 

Watch Ixchel's story here!

Sci-fi and Fantasy

Haunting Tales of Latino Fiction

While producing my podcast, Tres Cuentos, I unearthed many captivating short stories from early 20th-century Latin American and Hispanic writers, and I dreamed of one day bringing them to the stage. That day has finally arrived! Latino Fiction weaves together three stories brimming with mystery and wit.

Our journey begins in Mexico with "The Hand of Comandante Aranda" by Alfonso Reyes, a tale of a severed hand that comes to life, wreaking havoc on the family it once served. Next, we delve into the Spanish tale "Vultures" by Ángeles Vicente, where a mad scientist embarks on a quest to liberate consciousness. Our final stop takes us to Uruguay with Horacio Quiroga's "The Specter," a haunting narrative of love, ghosts, guilt, and paranoia.

Join us for an evening of enthralling stories that will transport you across time and place, immersing you in the rich tapestry of Latino Fiction. Here's one of the stories for you to enjoy!

Eerie Latino World

Haunting Tales of Latino Fiction

Latin America harbors chilling tales that will send shivers down your spine, making even the bravest travelers reconsider their path. In Guatemala, beware of El Cadejo, a man whose cruelty towards an elderly couple leads him to a terrifying encounter with a vengeful spirit in the form of a dog.


Moving southward, between Costa Rica and Colombia, the haunting presence of La Segua awaits a seductive spirit who reveals her monstrous visage to those who dare to resist her deadly allure. Finally, in the depths of Peru's jungle, the eerie whistle of El Tunchi pierces the Night, a harbinger of doom for those who hear it, signaling their imminent journey into the realm of the spirits.


Venture into these tales this spooky season if you dare. Here's one of the stories. Beware that you might have to sleep with the light on!

Carolina Quiroga Storyteller

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