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Carolina telling Latin American Tales

Children Shows

Hola! The storytelling sessions I offer young audiences are fun, highly interactive, and engaging. Expect to see puppets and props, and be ready to chant, call and respond, move, dance, answer questions or riddles, and laugh! Also, actors and actresses from the audience are at times welcome on stage!

clever and naughty
ocean tales

  PreK to 2nd grade  

Clever and naughty fellows:
Animal tales of trunks and tails!

In this show, we learn how nature, its creatures, and the elements came to be through the tales of ingenious animals. From how the elephant got his long trunk to why the animals lend us their nights every season and why the rabbit has long ears! The younger ones are often delighted with these stories as they get to participate, act, and chant. 

  PreK to 2nd grade  

Fish tales of fins and whales!

Have you wondered what stories fish tell under the water? Discover the tales that explain how the fish talk and why whales no longer live on land. Be ready to interact and help a naughty whale that gets in trouble every time. Get on your dancing shoes! A party under the ocean is about to break loose!

  3rd to 5th grade  

Friendship and teamwork,
help you achieve your goals!

Many old tales tell us how animals and others collaborated to achieve their goals. From Texas to Puerto Rico, we will meet daring characters like a Coyote who, along with his five amigos, steals the fire and makes the sun or a tiny hermit crab and a rock with a dream of becoming a mountain; these stories prove that no matter where you come from or how different we are, we can always team up to improve our world and make dreams come true.

  3rd to 5th grade  

The wondrous adventures of fearless children!

Trust, teamwork, and resourcefulness are crucial elements for any legendary feat. In many Latin American folktales, children are heroes. Through the adventurous stories of clever kids, we discover how the young ones outsmarted the adults and used their imagination to save the day creatively. From South America to the Dominican Republic, we meet Topec, a boy who, despite the odds, goes on a journey to find the rain, a Peruvian girl who searches for a magic lake, and a Pedrito, a brave kid who dares to face a laughing skull.

  3rd to 5th grade  

Latin American myths for curious kids!

​This show is for those niños y niñas, children who ask: why the night is dark? How was the world created? Why does the moon come at night? Has the sky fallen before? Many tales from different cultures have attempted to answer these questions. Join me in the quest to discover how the Latin American world came to be! Be ready to chant and act with puppets!

  4th and 5th graders  

Magic and ghostly tales that never fail

Let's explore some clever and audacious fairy tales and folktales where magic is as helpful as being ingenious. From Spain to Latin America, we will meet greedy ghosts and resourceful teens that will show us what they are made of. Be ready to participate and cast a spell or two with your imagination.

More stories

Cuentos for other times

Did you know that I also tell stories during Navidad (Christmas), Día de los Niños (Children's Day) , and Hispanic Heritage Month? If you have a theme I assure you I have a story! Ask me about it, and we can work on a show that fits your event's needs. Here's a story for winter times!

LA myths
magic tales
Carolina Quiroga Telling

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