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Carolina Quiroga Storyteller

Carolina Quiroga

Performer, Teacher-Artist, and Writer


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Carolina is a dynamic bilingual storyteller who captivates audiences with enchanting tales from the vibrant landscapes of Latin America, stretching from El Río Grande to the breathtaking expanse of Patagonia. Since she arrived in the US, Carolina has performed at prestigious events like the National Storytelling Festival and The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, leaving her mark on the storytelling community.

Embarking on a journey across the nation, Carolina has mesmerized listeners in schools, libraries, museums, and cultural institutions from coast to coast. Her passionate Storytelling brings the rich tapestry of Latin American and Hispanic folklore to life, fostering a deeper appreciation for these diverse cultures.


Driven by her love for narratives, Carolina created her acclaimed literary podcast, Tres Cuentos, where she delves into the soul of Latin American literature. Listeners can explore these stories on her website, Additionally, Carolina has brought to life animated videos for children, parents, and educators on her YouTube Channel, @CarolinaQuirogaStoryteller.

As a Wolf Trap Teacher Artist and a member of TAPAS (Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools), Carolina continues to inspire and educate through the art of Storytelling. Currently, she is venturing into the world of puppetry and exploring the exciting process of publishing her first children's book.

With her boundless creativity and unwavering dedication, Carolina Quiroga is not just a storyteller but a cultural ambassador, weaving the threads of Latin American heritage into the hearts of audiences everywhere.

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