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A shark coming out of the shower

Personal Tales

Mis queridas amigas y amigos, I'm thrilled that you're curious about the tales I have up my sleeve! For a long time, I hesitated to share the anecdotes and adventures born from my wild imagination and my unique background. What if no one believed me? One day, I gathered my courage, sat down, and let my hand give shape to reality. Here are some true—yet at times unbelievable—tales that began in my childhood and continued as I embarked on my journey as an immigrant in the US.


On Speaking "Inglish": Tales of My Immigrant Journey

When I first came to the U.S. to study, my plan was simple: get a degree and head out! This was not my land of dreams, nor did I come to forge long-lasting relationships. But life had other plans. Twelve years later, I have countless anecdotes that have become stories of my journey in this land of gringos! From meeting the love of my life and messing up our vows because I couldn't understand "Tennessean" English to declaring war on biscuits, these are some of the tales that have shaped my life in the U.S.

Here's one of the stories!

Me, the Mexican! But I am Colombian!

This performance explores the frequent confusion of being mistaken for Mexican and the stereotypes associated with Mexican and Colombian identities. Through personal anecdotes and folktales, I delve into similarities and differences. This journey illustrates how I gradually fell in love with Mexican culture, stories, and people by being assumed Mexican.

Sharks in my Shower!

It has been said that Magical Realism runs wild in Colombia; perhaps it is true! Growing up, I believed sharks could come out of the shower, and tall beds hid monsters under them. I feared water and falling off the bed. Showering would take me hours, and my bed shrank one inch per year. Come to discover how my fears came true in the quirkiest ways.

Paleta Girl: A story of coming of age

Growing up, I loved cartoons. They helped shape how I interpret the world and, sometimes, became a substitution for the reality that was shaking my world. Find out how I put in one of the fiercest fights to being let to watch cartoons and stop my papi from teaching me responsibility through work.

Carolina Quiroga Storyteller

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