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My latest video

Here's a beautiful story about "How a Llama saved the day." A lama gives a warning, and the man listens, together the save many people!
Enjoy and share!

My friendship with storytelling began early on in life.

Lost and Found

Reading upside down
A girl reading

At three, I disappeared from my mom's sight. Feverishly she looked for me in the supermarket. After all exit doors had been closed, my mother found me behind a clothing rack full of dresses. I had found a pleasant hiding spot where I could read aloud a book. What can I say? I have always enjoyed a good book! Even though it was upside down!


Reading and telling stories are great ways to foster imagination. In the "Read Aloud and Disperse the Clouds" workshop, I share storytelling tips to sharpen your skills and motivate the kids to enjoy listening and reading. Check it out!

Here are other anecdotes for you to enjoy!

Here is what I am up to these days!

I am prepping for the 2024's Summer Reading Program! Adventure Begins at Your Library : La aventura comienza en tu biblioteca. Ask me about it!

- Feb 23 - Claxton Elementary - Asheville, NC

- Feb 26-28 - Weber Storytelling Festival - Ogden, Utah

- Feb 28 - Apple Seed Podcast - Provo, Utah

- March 11-22 - Storytelling Residency - Asheville, NC

- March 22 - Asheville Fringe Festival - Asheville, NC

- March 24 - Asheville Fringe Festival - Asheville, NC

- April 4-6 - Fox Cities Book Festival - Wisconsin

- May 10-11 - Paris Storytelling Festival, Kentucky 

Carolina Quiroga Telling

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